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The actual background of the Libyan war

Like all world political events, the war in Libya is only staged by the Anglo-American power elite. The manipulated press coverage presents us with the North African leaders as diabolical tyrants who ruthlessly bleed their people dry. Some truth is mixed with all sorts of lies to justify reasons for the intervention of the Western liberators. For the good of the people, of course!

But what are the “real crimes” of the North African rulers?
The Egyptian President Mubarak has stopped the large-scale land grab at rock-bottom prices to Western corporations in early 2010. That means he had refused to sell further land, raw materials, and infrastructure to the “Western occupiers” at ridiculous prices to protect the economy and interests of his own country.

Gaddafi, who in 2009 was still described as an “important ally in the war on terror” and as a “peacemaker in Africa” by John McCain and Hillary Clinton, is now to be overthrown. But why this sudden change of heart?
In an interview earlier this year, Gaddafi announced that he no longer trusts the West and its corporations and that in future he wants to award his contracts to Russian, Chinese and Indian companies. This means massive losses for Europe and the USA. When a ruling leader like Gaddafi or Mubarak wants to escape the influence of the Western powers, former friends are quickly declared enemies of democracy and human rights.

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