Insider knowledge about gold

It is one of the most precious metals in the world and as jewellery or means of payment for thousands of years the object of desire: gold.
But there are also many myths and inconsistencies surrounding this precious metal. In particular, the sometimes strongly fluctuating gold price is suspected to be manipulated by external forces.

A very good TV documentary from the N24 series “USA Top Secret”. Finally, the research work of the book authors and internet bloggers, who were recently still called conspiracy theorists, is honored with a TV documentary. At last the topic of gold price manipulation, scarcity, multiple awards and the unsolved question of how much physical gold is still in the possession of the USA at all, reaches the general public. – Where is it stored, who determines its price?
Also the alleged sex affair around Dominique Strauss Kahn is finally backlit and it is shown why the former IMF boss had to be got rid of…

The power of gold.
Gold is a symbol of power and prosperity and cost many people their lives over the centuries. Until today, the precious metal has not lost a certain explosiveness: virtual trading has become a business worth billions. However, the quantities of gold traded are far greater than the quantities actually existing. “The Power of Gold” – a documentary about the history and influence of the fascinating precious metal.

Gold and silver as a lifeline.
A lecture by Richard H. Mayr at Invest 2020 in Stuttgart on the advantages of precious metals in the economic and financial crisis.

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